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Antique Art Deco is by the antique standard not an antique because it has not yet been 100 years since the Art Deco period. According to many antique dealers and many customs laws, an item is not an antique until it is 100 years old. However, a large number of collectors use 50 years as an indicator, thus antique Art Deco pieces are by most antique collectors considered antiques. 

The Art Deco movement was an art design movement from 1925 until the 1940's, deriving its name from the first major arts exhibit held in Paris after WWI. This artistic style travelled across continents, affecting architecture, industry, fashion, interiors, as well as graphic arts and film. Art Deco furniture and pottery exudes sleek elegance and glamour. It was the modernism of the Roaring Twenties, functional and fun, and its popularity continued in the United States through the 1930's. Bright pop colors, sleek, graceful designs, geometrics, large florals and polka dots! All of these can be found among antique Art Deco pieces.

With the technological introduction of new materials and new methods of production, Art Deco exploded with new pieces made of concrete, tubular steel, plate glass, and even plastic. Original materials of wood, bronze, glass, pewter and clay were also used in many Art Deco pieces, but artists and manufacturers were ready to experiment with all the new possibilities presented them.

Antique Art Deco pieces didn't receive much attention from serious collectors, and in fact, many frowned upon them until the top auction houses in New York, London and Paris began presenting them for sale.

Interest in antique Art Deco pieces declined in the early 1940's, had some interest in the 1960's, and then, found a resurgence in the 1980's when graphic art was greatly influenced by Art Deco. 






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