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Antique Wedgwood Ceramic Stoneware

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Antique Wedgwood Stoneware pottery is magnificent, providing a variety of forms and finishes, ranging from the white salt-glazed stoneware, and the black, unglazed, Etruscan basaltes to the beautiful cane ware and Jasperware of the 1770's. Exquisite examples of Jasperware can be found in antique Wedgwood ceramics and stoneware cameos, seals, medallions, candlesticks, bell pulls, scent bottles, bowls, and lamps, as well as large ornamental pieces. Blue and white Jasperware proved to be the most popular color combination, although many shades of green Jasperware, lilac and crimson were also manufactured. Among the earliest Jasperware pieces you can find black, turquoise, and small quantities of yellow and buff.

Red Antique Wedgwood Stoneware that was unglazed was first made in imitation of Chinese Yixing ware, and then refashioned, in a similar color to Roman red ware and was marketed under the name of "rosso antico" or antique red.

White Biscuit ware was produced mainly in the 19th century and in limited amounts in the form of plant pots. It is a much softer and less compact body than white jasper (with which it is sometimes confused.) 






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