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Antique Wedgwood Tableware

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Antique Wedgwood Tableware

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Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, was in Josiah Wedgwood's opinion, "a woman of sense, fine taste and spirit." She ordered two enormous Queen's ware services from Wedgwood. The first was painted in pink with flower sprays and festoon borders, known as the "Husk" service. The other Antique Wedgwood tableware service was painted in a delicate black with landscape views, known as the "Frog" service. Josiah Wedgwood considered the Frog service as the most superb he ever sent to the continent. Crested and armorial Queen's ware services became an essential part of the Wedgwood business.

From the 1860's, printed patterns fell into two groups: common and best. Common antique Wedgwood tableware patterns were used on plain shapes, on a cream-colored body and included Filigree, Broseley, Botanical, and Willow. The Best Wedgwood tableware patterns were reserved for more ornate shapes, using a pearl ware body dipped in a pearl glaze, and include Water Nymph, Dahlia, and Clarendon.

American history has been widely depicted on Wedgwood tablewares. To commemorate the American Bicentennial of 1976, Wedgwood issued the "American Independence" series in limited number, Jasperware pieces with the American eagle and portraits of the Declaration with the 13 signatories. Mugs, jugs, plates and bowls depicted themes with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Boston Tea Party and the American heritage.






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