Tips on How to Take Care of Antique Silver Pieces.

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How Do I Care for My Antique Silver?

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Care & Cleaning of Antique Silver


How to clean and care for your antique silver pieces

As an antique silver collector you realize the beauty and quality of the pieces you have acquired. As diligent as you have been in its acquisition, so must you be in the cleaning and caring of your antique silver items. Regular cleaning should be done with an approved standard polish or paste, such as Wright's Silver Polish foam cleanser, that will not be harmful to the texture or design of the metal. 
Always polish antique silver pieces by hand, not by machine or mechanical buffer, so as not to scratch the metal surface and to retain its soft color. Avoid allowing your antique silver to tarnish to the extent that it requires heavy buffing, for this too may cause scratching or deterioration of designs or sterling hallmarks. 

Moisture allowed to sit on antique silver will cause it to pit; therefore, it is imperative that it is completely dry and free of moisture before storing. Once your antique silver piece is cleaned thoroughly and dried completely, in can be stored individually in anti-tarnish flannel bags made for storing silver or in over-sized Ziploc storage bags. When storing antique silver in plastic bags, make sure that as much air as possible is removed from the bag before closing, and that no moisture remains in the bag.

By following these easy silver care steps, not only will you be preserving your precious pieces of antique silver, but they will continued to be enjoyed for many, many years to come.






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