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Oriental Antiques (Chinese & Japanese)

  Oriental Antiques

Antique Cloisonne

Collectible Japanese Porcelain

Collectible Chinese Porcelain

Antique Japanese Porcelain Tea Set, Takito c1922-1944

Chinese Porcelain bowl with Rare Gilding

Welcome to our page on oriental antiques! For this discussion, the term oriental refers collectively to antique items produced in Japan, Korea, and China since much of their cultures, influences and techniques are intertwined. 

As tends to be the case of many products made in Asia these days, where quality workmanship can be acquired at a far cheaper price than those made in North America or western Europe, so it is with oriental antiques. An oriental antique that is exquisitely equal or of even greater age and quality to an American antique can be found at a significantly less price, making oriental pieces far more accessible to the collector. Perhaps this is the reason why hundreds of American antique collectors have begun to turn to oriental collectible in recent years.

As a beginner collector it is especially important to read, research and compare so to gain experience and knowledge in making the right decision in purchasing oriental antiques for investment. Our site has several pages of valuable information on these antiques that will get you started in the right direction.

And, after researching, where?, you ask, is the best place to begin looking for quality oriental antiques. Your local antique shops are great for gathering information and making comparisons. Most antique shop owners have chosen a particular area of collecting expertise, and can give you valuable information. Maintaining repoire with antique shop owners will not only provide an arena for sharing your latest oriental antique stories and finds, but will also give you more leniency within the shop for bartering or holding an item for a few days until you are able to make a decision.

Once you have gained some knowledge, flea markets, garage sales, and even Craigslist are great venues for searching out collectible oriental antiques which often blossoms into a rewarding result!






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